Cáisc shona duit Happy Easter April History Themes

Cáisc shona duit
Happy Easter

April has a lot of significant events in Irish history. One very important one is the Easter Uprising of 1916, which laid the foundation for the Irish Republic. April 24th will mark the 97th anniversary of the Easter Uprising. Why Easter is special to the Irish, click on link; http://www.irishcentral.com/roots/Why-Easter-is-such-an-important-holiday-to-the-Irish-89037472.html

April 1, 1865, General Sheridan, wins the last battle of the Civil War at Five Forks; http://www.civilwaracademy.com/five-forks.html

April 1, 1919, Eamonn de Valera elected as President of Ireland’s First Dáil, click on link to read more on de Valera; http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/eamonn_de_valera.htm

April 1, 1914, Cumann na mBan (League of Women) was formed, a very secretive organization of women to help fight for Irelands freedom; http://www.triskelle.eu/history/cumannnamban.php

The Flag & Emblems Act of 1954, which gave the RUC the right to arrest, remove any article displayed publicly that didn’t support the British gov’t. Any display other than the Union Jack, was considered objectionable to the public peace, it was later repealed, you can read more about it at this link; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flags_and_Emblems_Act

April 10, 1981, Bobby Sands is elected to English Parliament while on Hunger Strike; http://marcella.dreamwidth.org/7904.html

April 10, 1988, the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, establishing a multi-party gov’t in the north of Ireland; http://www.dfa.ie/home/index.aspx?id=335

April 12, 1847, the Jamestown a ship sent from America to help feed the hungry in Ireland arrives in Cobh, Co. Cork; http://www.suite101.com/lesson.cfm/18819/2329/2

April 13, 1829, Catholic Emancipation Act is passed in Parliament; http://h2g2.com/dna/h2g2/A26353604

April 14, 1922, IRA dissidents seize the Four Courts in Dublin to protest the treaty granting only 26 Counties freedom; http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/Battle_of_Dublin

April 17, 1969, Bernadette Devlin, elected youngest female to British Parliament; http://www.bookrags.com/biography/bernadette-devlin/

April 18, 1949, Republic of Ireland Act of 1948 is enacted; http://www.oursportscentral.com/services/history/wiki.php?title=Republic_of_Ireland_Act_1948

April 21, 1916 Sir Roger Casement is arrested on the Banna Strand, Co. Kerry, for treason, http://homepage.eircom.net/~seanjmurphy/irhismys/casement.htm

April 25, 1938, Eamonn de Velera, declares Irelands neutrality in WWII; http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/Irish_neutrality_during_World_War_II

April 28, 1901 Fenian founder James Stephens dies; http://www.answers.com/topic/james-stephens-irish-nationalist

April 28, 1927, 2 time Medal of Honor Awardee, Dan Daly dies; http://www.usmarinesbirthplace.com/DALY.html

April 30, 1798, US Navy is founded, John Barry of Co. Wexford gets first commission of the Navy, becomes Father of the American Navy; http://www.ushistory.org/people/commodorebarry.htm

I hope that this helps you in your history reports for April and Thank you for “Keeping that Irish Tradition Alive!”
Dan Callaghan
NC AOH Historian