Ireland is Calling

The Irish Government has been actively reaching out to the Diaspora in the America and around the world in these challenging times to remind us we all belong to one global Irish community.

In the President of Ireland recent Easter Message he addressed the Irish at Home and Abroad and expressed a message of Solidarity and Unity during this time of global crisis.

The Irish Minister for Diaspora, Ciarán Cannon recently published a message that Ireland will not forget its citizens abroad during this Covid-19 pandemic. which highlights the Ireland Reaching Out program called a Children’s Family Tree. This allows children to connect with their Irish heritage and understand their history.

Here in North Carolina we are honored to have Dr. John Young as our Honorary Consul based out of Charlotte, NC. Those who attended our last NC AOH State Conference in Wilmington will remember Dr. Young as he was our featured speaker at the Dinner. Our Irish Consul General for the Southeast is Shane Stephens based out of Atlanta, Ga. They have both been working closely with us and other Irish organizations like the GAA to help keep the Irish community informed and we are looking forward to having Consul General Stephens address our State Board this coming weekend before our virtual State Board Meeting.

If you find yourself in need during these challenging times please do not hesitate to reach out. There are many programs available both locally and globally, including the Emigrant Support Programme. As always our hand is extended in Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity.