Feabhra (February) History Themes

Brothers, although February is the shortest month of the year, it’s also filled with historical events, here are a few to help you with your reports this month. Please forward to me name and email address of your Division President and historian.


February 1, in ancient Celtic times, it was the beginning of Spring and later became the feast day for St. Bridget; http://www.chalicecentre.net/imbolc.htm

February 2, 1972, British Embassy in Dublin destroyed by protestors as a result of Bloody Sunday atrocities, http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/february/2/newsid_2758000/2758163.stm

February 4, 1868, Irish Republican Countess Markievicz, Constance Gore Booth, is born; http://www.sligotown.net/countessmarkievicz.shtml

February 6, 1895, Irish-American Baseball great, George Herman, known as Babe Ruth is born; http://www.baberuth.com/biography/

February 7, 1854, Thomas “Broken Hand” Fitzpatrick, Irish born American trapper dies; http://www.franksrealm.com/Indians/mountainman/pages/mountainman-thomasfitzpatrick.htm

February 7, 1940, IRA Volunteers Peter Barnes and James McCormack, hanged by the British this day; http://www.anphoblacht.com/news/detail/38457

February 9, 1923, Irish playwright Brendan Behan is born; http://www.irelandseye.com/irish/people/famous/behan.shtm

February 12, 1976, Irish Republican Frank Stagg, dies on hunger strike, being forced fed by the British; http://www.anphoblacht.com/news/detail/8450

February 14, 269, St. Valentine, buried in Dublin; http://homepage.eircom.net/~seanjmurphy/irhismys/valentine.htm

February 16, 1822, James Thomson, Belfast born inventor of principles of paddle wheel and jet stream concepts is born; http://paulhutch.com/wordpress/?p=460

February 22, 1893, Peadar O’Donnell, Socialist, IRA politician, is born; http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/SPdonnell.htm

February 23, 1781, George Taylor, Irish born, signer to the Declaration of Independence dies; http://colonialhall.com/taylor/taylor.php

February 24, 1841, John Holland, inventor of the first practical submarine is born; http://www.engology.com/articlesubmarine.htm

February 25, 1940, 7 men go on Hunger Strike at Mountjoy Jail; http://saoirse32.blogsome.com/2005/04/15/sean-mcneela-and-tony-darcy/

February 25, 1957, Ray McCreesh is born, 3rd man to die on 1981 Hunger Strike; http://reference.findtarget.com/search/Raymond%20McCreesh/  http://www.irishhungerstrike.com/raymccreesh.html

February 26, 1846, Irish-American “Buffalo Bill” Cody is born; http://www.buffalobill.org/history.htm

February 28, 1884, Easter Rising Martyr, Sean McDermott is born; http://fermoyireland.50megs.com/McDERMOTT_Sean.htm

February 28, 1956, Francis Hughes, 2nd Hunger Striker to die, is born, http://www.irishhungerstrike.com/francishughes.html